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       Our mission is to support, assist, and encourage disadvantaged and at-risk children to excel in academics and recreational pursuits. In an effort to celebrate our son’s life, the Michael Shane Plowden Jr. Loving Legacy Foundation was established. The Foundation will be a platform to promote various children’s interests. 

       In June 2014, a tragic accident resulted in the sudden loss of our beautiful Michael Jr (affectionately called “Buddy”). Although only 4 ½ years old at the time of his death, Michael was a wonderful boy with a charismatic smile and the ability to charm all those around him. He was bright, inquisitive, talkative and very active. He had already started karate lessons and prided himself on his ability to make friends quickly and easily.


       Buddy was a constant protector to his little sister and brother and a delight to his parents. His joyful spirit shone through in everything he did. He was an empathetic child and was kind to others. He often said “sharing is caring” and acted accordingly. His potential was limitless, his energy was boundless and his love was endless. His legacy is love.

       The foundation was started by his parents and godmother (Dr.Torie and Mr. Michael Plowden and Joie Christophe Jolevare).  Our success will not be possible without the generous donations from our community.  We are a 501c3 organization and donations are tax deductible.

In loving memory of Buddy, we strive to unlock every child’s full potential.



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